This is a spot recorded at Clatter & Din for Value Village/Savers... 

Savers Value Village.mp3


Here's a spot I did for the state of Utah (I also wrote the copy and produced the spot)...

Cash for Appliances Utah.mp3


I love character work, too.  Here's a fun character I did for a radio spot for a physical therapy office: 

Alan Harrison -- Therapy Works Physical Therapy -- (206) 533-0242.mp3


Have some fun!  Here's a new product for holiday shoppers (and yes, the voices are all mine!)...

Do-It-Yourself Magic Mirror


And here is a narration done for a new real estate development in Florida, a LEED certified business center.  This is long at 10 minutes, but it should give you an idea of the "trusted spokesman"... 


December 2012:  starring Alan Harrison as the voice of Jack Kerouac...

Below are spots for nonprofits: the Association of Faculty and Friends at Penn State/Hershey Medical Center and Olive Crest.  As a nonprofit lifer myself, I am deeply involved with making the world better.


This is a TV spot for a vitamin supplement, done in late 2009.